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Ear Wax

Special glands contained in the ear canal produce ear wax, or cerumen, meant to keep the inside of the ear clean and the ear drum safe from damage. Sometimes ear wax builds up, either from the body making too much, or improper cleaning tactics. Too much ear wax is mainly caused by genetics, while bad cleaning habits can create an impaction. For people who experience compaction, the symptoms can range from impaired hearing, to infection.


Ear Problems

The doctor will ask you a series of questions to decide if your symptoms warrant intervention. Some questions your doctor might ask include: Is the patient experiencing an earache? Does the patient experience an uneasy feeling of fullness in their ear(s) or ringing? Does the patient have hearing problems or dizzy spells? Are they experiencing pain? How long has this been happening? The answers to these questions along with a physical exam will make a diagnosis possible. A visual inspection will reveal if there is a impaction or not.

Treatment Options

Your doctor’s care may include a warm water irrigation of the ear canal, and the use of a suction device that is guaranteed not to damage the ear drum as it removes wax. If the ear wax is too hard, your doctor may use some softening ear drops to make the wax easier to remove.

It is important not to try your own ear wax removal without a doctor’s approval. This could lead to bleeding, infection, or a damaged ear drum.

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