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Laryngitis, also called laryngeal inflammation, is a disorder of the larynx, or voice box. It can cause hoarseness and partial or complete voice loss. Other symptoms may include a dry or sore throat and a dry cough.


Symptoms and Treatments of Laryngitis PlantationLaryngitis occurs when the vocal cords are inflamed or irritated, causing swelling which interferes with the normal movement and vibration which allows us to speak. The most common causes of acute (short-term) laryngitis are respiratory infections due to virus or bacteria and vocal strain as a result of yelling or prolonged speech. Chronic laryngitis, which lasts more than three weeks, has different causes. These include exposure to irritants (such as smoke), acid reflux disease, and consistent overuse of the voice, which is seen in singers or professional speakers.

Treatment Options

It is important to seek treatment for laryngitis. Not only are the symptoms inconvenient and often painful, but in some cases they may indicate an underlying disease, such as cancer. Additionally, if laryngitis is caused by infection, the infection may spread to other parts of the respiratory system. Treatment options include antibiotics if the cause is a bacterial infection, though antibiotics are ineffective against viral infections, which are a more common culprit. In some cases, corticosteroids may be used to reduce inflammation.

An ENT may perform a laryngoscopy, viewing the throat with a light and mirror. This may be used in conjunction with other diagnostic tools to determine the underlying cause of the laryngitis, which will guide treatment options. Your doctor can also recommend which self-care options will be most effective.

Laryngitis Treatment in Plantation FL

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