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Recurrent Ear Infection

While ear infections are one of the most common childhood complaints, second only to the common cold in occurrence, a much smaller number of people suffer from chronic ear infections. Unfortunately, many of these sufferers tend to be children. Since chronic ear infections can lead to hearing loss, pain, fever and a general sense of malice, it is important to seek chronic ear infection treatment in Plantation Fl. if it is suspected that a child has one. 

Causes of Recurrent Ear Infections

Causes of Recurrent Ear InfectionsAn ear infection can be chronic either because it is not healing properly or if it keeps recurring after it has healed. A chronic ear infection affects the middle ear and is also known as recurring acute otitis media. The middle ear, a space located behind the ear drum, can become inflamed when the Eustachian tube that leads to it becomes plugged. This can lead to a lack of air within the middle ear, and fluid can build up. Unable to drain, this fluid often becomes infected, resulting in an ear infection. Children are diagnosed with ear infections more often than adults because their Eustachian tubes are situated in a more horizontal fashion. This allows viruses and bacteria to enter the ear drum more easily, leading to infection. 

Treatment Options

Recurring infections, however, require visiting a doctor for ear infection treatment in Plantation Fl where antibiotics are typically prescribed. In most instances, these antibiotics are taken orally. Severe cases could require intravenous treatment. The doctor might also prescribe ear drops if the patient has a hole in the ear drum. Surgery might be an option if the ear infection treatment is not successful or if hearing loss is present. During a typical surgery, the doctor drains the infected fluid from a tiny incision in the ear drum. Afterwards, a small tube is inserted to in this opening to facilitate the draining of fluid from the ear. 

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