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Swimmer’s Ear

Do you need swimmers ear treatment in Plantation FL? Swimmers ear refers to an infection of the outer ear canal, the portion of the ear that connects the eardrum to the ear’s opening. Swimmers ear is sometimes referred to as otitis externa or acute external otitis.

Swimmers ear is most often caused by water in the ear after spending time in a pool, lake, hot tub or ocean. This in turn creates a moist environment that is conducive to the growth of bacteria there.

Mild Symptoms Can Progress Rapidly

Swimmers Ear TreatmentSwimmers ear symptoms tend to be mild at first, but can get much worse if the infection isn’t properly treated. Swimmers ear treatment in Plantation FL is the key to addressing swimmers ear before it progresses to more serious issues. Those with this condition who attempt to use cotton swabs, their fingers or other makeshift methods of clearing out the water risk further damage to the sensitive skin that lines the ear canal.

Symptoms of the beginnings of swimmers ear include pressure or itching in the ear canal, redness and discomfort that feels worse when the outer ear is tugged or the tragus (small bump toward front of ear) is pushed. Drainage, redness more intense itching and an increase in pain can occur as swimmers ear progresses. Fluid in the ear can cause an increase in pressure as well as muffled hearing.

Seek Swimmers Ear Treatment Early

Advanced progression of swimmers ear leads to more severe pain that radiates to the face and neck. Swelling and blockage of the ear canal progresses, and a fever can begin in addition to swelling the lymph nodes of the neck.

Addressing swimmers ear early is the key to avoiding more serious symptoms and complications. Professional swimmers ear treatment in Plantation FL can address this issue properly and resolve it before a more serious infection results.

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