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Balloon sinuplasty


When you have sinus problems such as poor drainage, there are several options for treatment. One of the latest ways to improve sinus function is to get balloon sinuplasty in Plantation FL. With this procedure, patients can get a minimally invasive treatment that uses a balloon instead of more aggressive methods that include removing bone and tissue.

With this procedure, patients who have struggled with chronic sinusitis don’t have to endure a full surgery in a hospital in order to improve their sinus function. They can instead have this procedure done in their ENT’s office and get relief from the painful symptoms of sinusitis. Sinuses that are blocked with tissue or are simply too small to allow for proper drainage can be helped with this procedure. By enlarging the openings to the sinuses, this treatment allows for better drainage to help prevent infection.

What to Expect

General anesthesia is administered before the procedure. A small, flexible catheter is inserted into the nose and threaded into the sinus cavity. The catheter has a balloon that is then inflated when it is in the proper position. This inflation will enlarge the pathway to the sinus cavity to allow it to drain as it should. This keeps fluid from building up in the sinuses and causing the infections that were causing the painful symptoms. It takes about two hours to perform this procedure.

Balloon sinuplasty is an effective way to improve sinus function, and the effects are long lasting. Recovery time is minimal and patients can generally get back to their regular activities after 24 hours, though highly strenuous activities should be avoided for a few days. The relief that patients feel from this non-surgical procedure is about the same as patients get from more aggressive sinus surgery’s. For those who suffer from the pain and pressure of chronic sinus infections, this treatment can improve the overall quality of life.

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